About Faces & Places

"Faces & Places brings together the hospitality, friendliness and culture in one of the coolest spots in Tirana. Like each room has its own identity, we aim to provide the sheer unique experience for you during your stay. Traditions are sewn into a modern lifestyle: an unmistakable combo!
We are all the travels, the people we traveled with, the mix of comings and goings residing into places, time and most importantly: people! This boutique hotel is tailored second to the best Albania has got to offer. Each room has its identity, a small piece of puzzle into the overflowing culture of this country. "


Breakfast At Faces & Places

If there is anything we can do right is cooking and bringing you the essential Albanian flavors from start to finish. Explore the variety of the menu and select your preferred choice. We encourage you to ask the host so you can try newer plates because everything we cook here relies on the seasonal produce. We do so in order to support the local farmers and the local economy while creating a sustainable environment for everyone working in Albania.
A visual journey ready to guide you through Faces & Places.
We designed each room/space/area with the utmost desire to create a refreshing sight of our culture: reinterpreted so as to have a continuity with the way we live nowadays.
Swipe to see all the details in each room and discover more on the visual procedure that followed the revitalisation of this old building in Tirana.